What could possibly go wrong ?

What could possibly go wrong ?  If I come off on the descent will it be another nice easy fall sideways into soft sand or will I cartwheel over the handlebars doing another “superman” impersonation. What could possibly go wrong ?

Does the wave pattern in the sand indicate a nice hard base like on the ridges I have been riding or is it soft sand just waiting to bury my front wheel.  Yep, it’s soft alright as the front tyre dug deep into sand sending an avalanche rolling down the dune but I stayed aboard this time.


I’ll just try the descent from this ridge

The Autumn winds were sweeping across the Nullabor Plains driving large swells onto the rugged cliffs and even the most protected areas were quite wind swept. The next best thing to paddling is pedalling so it was an easy decision to jump on the Fatbikes, and explore the sand dunes around Fowlers Bay.


A lovely day to test the legs

Fowlers Bay is a small coastal town (very small town) with less than 20 residents mainly involved in fishing and whale watching in season. The town is dwarfed by large sand dunes that are slowly encroaching on the town. Great Fatbiking country for those with young legs and a sense of adventure, although my old set of legs will have to do this time.


The thriving metropolis of Fowlers Bay

We started with a 15km ride along the corrugated limestone road to Mexican Hat beach and then onto the hard sand of the beach. A great place for a swim in warmer times and a pleasant rest stop.


Our rest stop

Then it was into the sand dunes for a little fun.


Waving  to the photographer



Get your weight back and hope for the best


Fun day


A long climb in bottom gear


Planning the route


tyres at 6psi float over the harder ridges

The end of the day brought a great sunset as we made our down into the town and a well earned cold beer.


Worshipping the last rays of the day


A lovely view as we descended across a natural water soak

Another great fun ride.
Ian (old legs) and Robyn ( the photographer)