Life’s a beach..Innes National Park

I’ve been visiting this National Park most of my adult life. During my sea-kayaking career I have paddled past, landed on, launched from or slept on most of the beaches in the Park as well as visiting the nearby offshore islands. Sometimes in perfect summer weather and sometimes landing through crushing shore-breaks after a long day on the paddle, in less than ideal conditions.

This time we decided to Fatbike, walk or swim all of the beaches in the Park. Here’s a few photos which I hope will give you some idea of the seascapes and perhaps inspire you to paddle, pedal or walk “the Yorke”.

Have a great day.
Ian and Robyn

6 inch wide tyres and 6psi pressures will get you many places

Heading down to deserted Dolphin Beach for a refreshing afternoon swim

Shell Beach on stormy morning. We decided to forgo our morning swim and just walk the beach.

Dolphin Beach. Normally calm but not today.

Dolphin Beach on a windy morning

Kids at play on Cable Bay beach. A small beach that is sheltered from the SW winds

Never could work out how they get the kangaroos to cross here and not elsewhere

A Fatbike ride to West Bay deserves a refreshing swim

The wreck of the Ethel.. On Ethel Beach of course

Stenhouse Bay. Not really a beach but a great place for a swim in the clear water.

Cape Spencer Lighthouse guarding the passage between Althorpe Island and the mainland

Green waves look inviting but the rips are treacherous here.

The sign says it all.

West Cape Lighthouse. A modern light on an ancient clifftop

The view across West Bay.

Looking north over West Bay and Pondalowie Bay.

White sands and blue water. Not another person in sight.

The Crayfish fleet work all hours unloading the catch in Pondalowie Bay

Gym Beach on the northern border of the Park is often deserted.

Pondalowie Bay is not always protected waters and boats can break their moorings

Sometimes you just can’t go any further

Exploring the clifftop limestone caves is not really recommended

Pondalowie Bay Fat-biking fun